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Originally Posted by PINHEAD View Post
thank god I got brembo instead of stoptech.

I thought the trophy kits special dull finish was suppose to be more "resistant" than the painted ones. I guess not. Ive abused my previous Brembo BBK after 20-30 track days and the finish was not even slightly faded..dinged up but not faded.

thumbsdown to stoptech IMO. Brembo FTW
Anybody who is serious about tracking an M3 would be crazy to go with Brembos for track use.The 380 MM Brembos are 8mm larger than the 380 Mm Stoptechs which really limits the choice of 18" track wheels that are available for use and combine that with the fact that with the Brembos you have to remove the caliper to change pads.With the Stoptechs or AP's this is less than a 5 minute job at each corner.I was offered Brembo's at a lot less money than my ST's but when I found the difference in specs & ease of servicing,I decided the Brembo's were for posers not serious driving.