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Originally Posted by Slalom View Post
As others have said, the tire package may make sense if roads are bad in your area.

Generally speaking, these "packages" have replaced undercoating and paint protection (a.k.a. wax) as a high mark-up dealer option.

When I bought my Z4, after signing the paperwork I was invited to the "business manager's" office. I guess he got me on a bad day. I was paying cash so there was no need to discuss financing. He started to pitch a "protection package" since convertible tops were notoriously unreliable. I stood up and said that if that was his advice about the Z4, I was very appreciative of his knowledgeable counsel. Clearly the Z4 was not "fit for the purpose" and under the Sale of Goods Act I intended to rescind the contract. I thought that he was going to loose his lunch as I walked into the owner's office and closed the door.

I know the owner well and explained what had happened. She was not happy at all, and decided not to charge me for the lighted door sills that I had installed. Seven years later the soft top still works. I ordered my M3 through her dealership. There is no more "business manager" at the dealership.
Cool story.

I'm sure I'll have to keep saying "no" several times.
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