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High mark-up

As others have said, the tire package may make sense if roads are bad in your area.

Generally speaking, these "packages" have replaced undercoating and paint protection (a.k.a. wax) as a high mark-up dealer option.

When I bought my Z4, after signing the paperwork I was invited to the "business manager's" office. I guess he got me on a bad day. I was paying cash so there was no need to discuss financing. He started to pitch a "protection package" since convertible tops were notoriously unreliable. I stood up and said that if that was his advice about the Z4, I was very appreciative of his knowledgeable counsel. Clearly the Z4 was not "fit for the purpose" and under the Sale of Goods Act I intended to rescind the contract. I thought that he was going to loose his lunch as I walked into the owner's office and closed the door.

I know the owner well and explained what had happened. She was not happy at all, and decided not to charge me for the lighted door sills that I had installed. Seven years later the soft top still works. I ordered my M3 through her dealership. There is no more "business manager" at the dealership.