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Originally Posted by leigh
yes thats a better way to put it!! so can you go with bigger rings and not need to sleeve the motor, iv seen gintani put sleeves in there stage 3 motors i would think its a good idea if you wanted to run big boost
PG did some research on this and ultimately decided against sleeving. PG saw tightie's sleeved bottom end being assembled at Auto Talent and liked what he saw. So when it came time to make the decision himself, he researched it a bit, and here's what he came up with.

PG told me that the machine shop who bores all of the stroker motors for RD Sport refused to sleeve the S65 block when PG asked about it. By the time PG asked about sleeving in mid-2010, the machine shop had already bored 8 or 9 S65 strokers. They said the S65 block is very strong, but sleeving it would weaken it too much and they refused to do it. PG asked Dinan the same thing and got the same answer. PG then asked the his race shop buddies their advice (same guys he chose to build his motor), and after looking at the S65 block, they advised against it as well. After hearing three recommendations against it, PG decided it wasn't a good idea to ignore all three recommendation and he decided against sleeving the block.

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