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Originally Posted by Dellort_M3 View Post
Hey Mike
Sorry if this has been mentioned in the thread before and Im a complete noob at all this tuning and coding stuff.
But in your coding sheet you mention you can do ecu tuning like higher rpm and stuff. Is this identical to a ess or evolve tune method? and is this completely different than regular coding?

Also, Im planning on installing recaros. Can you tell me what happens when I install the seats without a code and then what the code does to remove the airbag error code.

Sorry for the slow reply on this one.

Let me try to clairfy for you:
The "tuning" options at the top of my coding list (specifically the ones that refer to Euro SMG software, and Euro DME software) refer to software flashes for the E60 M5 and E46 M3. This will change the software to the euro BMW versions - it's not aftermarket. So to get 5000 RPM launch control, etc. the modules would be flashed with the Euro BMW versions of the software.

Now as far as the tuning options for the BMW M3 (E90/E92/E93), my method would be the same as the ESS or Evolve method. This involves reading the factory software out of your car, and modifying it as per your spec. Here is the spec on the tuning software:

BMW E9x M3 S85 DME Tuning Software – MSS60 Features/Benefits:
  • Raised RPM limit to 8600 (at customers request)
  • Removed top speed limiter
  • Removed cold start cat heat cycle for smoother cold starts (at customers request)
  • Reprogrammed torque management parameters
  • Reprogrammed throttle response in both normal and sport modes (aggressiveness per customers taste)
  • Reprogrammed ignition timing, and optimization for your fuel quality (91,93,94,100 octane tunes)
  • Reprogrammed Vanos control for maximum drivability
  • Sharper throttle response and smoother engine operation
  • Software available for US, European, and Canadian specification cars.
  • Cat delete for cars that have an SES light due to exhaust modifications (off road use only!)
(Will retain check engine light functionality for any other detected malfunction)
Software versions for cars with specific exhaust modifications available on request. Typical performance increase is +15-20hp and 10-15ft/lbs of torque with software alone.

-Catless and high flow cat software is for off road use only.
-All software programming is completely reversible.
-All software has been dyno, track, and street tested for maximum reliability and engine longevity.

Tuning/Programming (what is discussed above, whether it's the factory Euro software or aftermarket tunes such as Me/Evolve/ESS) is compeltely different from option coding.

For your racing seats you will require coding, not programming. If you install the seats without the coding, you will have multiple airbag faults stored in the Airbag Module. You will have the airbag light in your instrument cluster, as well as the multiple restraint errors on your iDrive, etc. Chances are that one or more than one airbags will be disabled due to this.

With my coding, all of the errors will be gone, and the car will be programmed correctly as if it came from the factory with racing seats .

Each race seat coding is specific to the application (coupe/sedan/vert) and specific to the seats installed and any changes to wiring/connections (some people use different seatbelt receptacles, tensioners, etc..). Whatever the setup is, I can code it properly the way it's supposed to be. No multiple restraint errors stored, on the dash, or in the cluster.

It's a common occurence for the passenger airbag to be completely disabled when the passenger seat is changed with a racing seat. After my coding, all airbags will come back online and will function as designed, even with racing seats. I have done this to about twenty cars so far without any issue. I think I can safely say that I am an expert when it comes to coding different configurations for racing seats. I have even done many of these setups remotely, and have yet to have one issue brought to my attention.

Please let me know if I can answer any other questions you might have or clairfy anything above.

PS: Need someone local to LA with the DCT update to try getting rid of the annoying chimes and saftey measures that stop you from going into gear without your seatbelt on.

Thank you!

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