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Jack and stands questions


Yes, I have searched! And found many useful threads. However I'm a bit unclear on a few things. I'm going to start from scratch with buying a new jack and 4x stands. What I used before is junk.

1) Jack suggestions? Any that can reach the center lift point without raising the car initially? I wouldn't want to spend much more than $300.

2) I know I need the insert for the jack, but what do I need for the jack stands? Typical stands have a mounting point that will need a piece of wood or something so the plastic jack points are not crushed. Are you guys just cutting 4 pieces of wood?

3) Torque wrench - 88lb/ft is what the wheels take? How about this wrench? Something cheaper would be OK, too.

4) I know I need these:

5) Suggestions on a rear jacking point are welcome.