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I'm trying to find some answers online, but it seems that cops are given so much power that if they deem the car 'unsafe', there is nothing you can do about it till after the fact. All I can do is put through a complaint, from which I doubt anything positive will happen, and I have to fight the tickets as well. I paid $130 for the tow, I have to get it e-tested and safetied, pay to get my plates back, new permit and ownership, and finally deal with $800 in tickets.

Great system system huh? Sad thing is our taxes pay the salaries of these police officers. They should serve and protect, not harass car enthusiasts.
Fight every single ticket! one court date which will save you time. Was this OPP?

Your emission test on the day off and after will be proof that your car's exhaust system is fine and not illegal.

Set up a date to talk to the prosecutor they will drop Charges as they have no proof for non of their charges.

I fought an insurance ticket i got , do to me be not having a pink slip as i had recently changed insruance slips and prosecutor did not fight it and judge threw the ticket out.

I know it's a pita but i would fight! Let us know how you make out. I'm also curious what exact laws he charged you with.