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Just Say No . . .

To all of the markup bs. Tell them you will pay a fair mark up ($1000 is a quick way to get to agreement -- you may get it down if you want to negotiate), which INCLUDES any doc or other fees that they want to put on the car -- tell them you do not care what they call it, but $1000 over invoice WITH ALL FEES AND ANY OTHER CHARGES is what you will pay.

Then say that you expect a full pass through of any incentives and dealer credits (check with folks here as to the incentives to the dealer to confirm first), and that you will not pay a markup on the lease.

Tell them that you will not do the deal without the above, and, if true, that you will sign the purchase agreement immediately once you have established that the above is correct.

I have had dealers bitch and moan about having to mark up the lease rate, but I have never had them refuse to pass it through once it was clear (which may take a little while) that it was not going to happen. Remember, they would make the same amount on the car if they simply sold it to you, since there would be no lease to mark up.