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Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
This one time?? Was that verbatim? If so, sounds like a bunch of assholes.
Haha yes it was. I understand though. They can't prove that harsh wheel cleaner was used, and I can't prove that it was a manufacturer error.

"The following is stated on page 4 of our install manual which legally clears us from having to offer any support but are willing to help anyway:

Caliper, Hat and Bracket Finish Disclaimer

Many wheel-cleaning solutions contain strong acids that may damage the finish on any caliper

or aluminum anodized finish, especially the plating on the hardware. Check for adverse

effects by trying a small amount of the cleaner in question on an inconspicuous area. Avoid

over-spraying, and rinse cleaning solutions off as quickly as possible. StopTech is not liable

for damage to calipers, hats or bracket finishes, due to corrosive chemical exposure.
" - Stoptech
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