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New 2011 E90 - lease question

Hi all - long time lurker, first time poster, hopefully soon-to-be owner.

I'm currently looking at leasing a well equipped brand new 2011 E90 DCT (Competition, Convenience, Nav, premium sound, and more) with a list of ~74,500. The initial quote for a 36 month/10k I received is high (see below) but I wanted to get people's thoughts before negotiating more.

Cap cost- $71,500
Residual - 61%
MF - .00225 (marked up from the best BMW rate of 195. He said they might be able to do better but it's up to them...)
Doc - $399 (clearly quite high and mostly profit)
Bank fee - $900 (marked up again from standard acquisition fee)
Registration - $150 (i'm ok w this)

Assuming I can negotiate the lowest MF, what do you think a fair sale price would be for this car? It seems like 2012 coupes w DCT can be had fairly easily for ~1000 above invoice and I would assume the same or even less for the 2011 E90s (I understand BMW isnt making a MY 2012 e90). Also, I'm seeing $1500 manufacturer to dealer on Edmunds for 2011 E90s. Can anyone confirm if that's true?

Additionally, since the "other fees" are padding their profit nicely, I have to assume I'll have more wiggle room on sale price.

Thanks in advance!!!