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Gintani Stage 3 Build for Paul Walker's AE Performance E92 M3 track car (w/ Video)

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As many of you know Gintani supercharged Paul Walker's AE performance time attack/track car. After 2 great successful years with them tracking, pushing the car to its limit and breaking records, they have now came the conclusion that it's time for more power.

We were contacted by the AE performance team and have been discussing a stage 3 build for their M3 for a few months now. Paul walker has now given us the go ahead. We have begun taking his M3 apart and we will be documenting pictures of the build as we go along. Stay tuned as we will be posting the removal, engine tear down, engine build, install and the completed project.

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Let the teardown begin.
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Front clip removed
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Engine ready to come down
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Paul Walker in his E92 M3 supercharged vs a 650hp CooperS