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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
With the ralleye's....I will warn folks that there is a compromise if you plan to use the back seats. The tail strap is not easily removable. You would have to pull up the back seat and unbolt the anchors.

In my experience on my 330, it didn't interfere with car seats or anything else. The only bad thing that could happen is a backseat passenger getting a metal buckle in the bunghole.

From what I can see in the Rallye 4 harness docs, it seems that the harness is not meant to be removed from the car easily. The only buckle that I see is a separation buckle between the tail strap and the shoulder harness.

I can see how the tail strap can be somewhat tucking in the back seats. But how about the shoulder harness? How would one remove it without unbolting the anchors brackets? Is there some separate accessory for this?


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