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Originally Posted by iamcpap View Post
I posted this in the Detail section, but got no bites. Any recommendation are appreciated.

Hey guys. Just bought my car a month or so ago and have wanted to have it properly detailed then have Clearbra installed on the front bumper and hood. Well, 800 miles later, and I notice I have a tiny nick in my bumper and went mental. So, the question is, who is the go to guy in Chicago for detail and then Clearbra. I normally go to Simon's in Lincoln Park and they have done a decent job on my Tahoe, but I am looking for that "Holy Shit" detail as I told the dealer I would rather take the car dirty then have them detail it. She has had 2 baths and the leather conditioned with Dr. Beasley's so far. Then, who else for Clearbra in Chicago BESIDES IND. I already have a quote from them and know they do good work...

OK, let me know. Thanks!
I've been taking my car to Lustr Detail (owner's name is Ivan) for over a year now. I'd prefer to do my own detailing (OCD), but I don't have the proper work space. I followed recommendations from Autopia, took my car to Lustr, and can only speak positively of the results.

I had clearbra installed before I moved to Chicago, so I can't be of much help. I'm not sure if Ivan does clearbra installs, but it's worth checking.

And even though you said "besides IND," I'll include myself in the mob that will tell you that IND is a great option to have. I had to get some body work done last week at A&L/IND to repair damage from a hit-and-run; the people, shop and work are all top-notch.

Edit: And if you can find someone that will do a custom clearbra, I'd go for that over the pre-cut.