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Awesome pics. I just got into photography for a hobby and made the mistake of not getting a full Frame body. I wanted a camera that could do high ISO pics with little noise and low light with little to no noise, The T2i is marginal most of the time. I was thinking about geting a D700 since it is awesome in that area and has a great AF system. I just got an expensive telephoto lens for my canon though so it would be harder to jump to a new make without selling. I know the D800 is comin though. I really want to learn rolling shots but the T2i may not have a good enough AF to handle that.

I live in Socal as well and have a hard time finding areas to go take pics without getting told to leave since as soon as you bust out a tripod suddenly you are a professional and people think you are trying to take pics to profit from them. It is a joke how people think.

Seems people like you have a nack for being able to find the places and times to get great pics.

I went and bought CS5.5 but no lightroom yet. I will get that soon. I like HDR and CS5 had that feature in it already, but I got a couple of other programs that do it, and have more options.
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