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Originally Posted by stefan View Post
I see that but.. show me a TMIC system that could fit in there. You're forgetting about all the auxiliary hardware. Subaru TMIC applications are extremely bulky in the past.. you'd have to do a ton of optimization (not saying that's impossible, just, highly unusual for Subaru).

Not only do we need to fit (a very thin) TMIC in there, we have to fit all the necessary connecting hardware, not to mention the bulky turbo inlet tube. If it does happen I will be extremely impressed (but ultimately worried about cooling).

Thinking about it now, I agree with many of the other posters here saying that a S/C would be the way to go. A turbo would be pretty silly on a car that's main focus is on track handling. Turbo would just introduce lag and heat soak. Though, I doubt we will ever see a S/C if this car is to go FI. Simply due to emissions and fuel consumption. This is still a (generally uninspired) mainstream manufacturer we are talking about here.
As long as the supercharger boost pressure doesn't go above 0.4 bar (5.5 psi) - good enough for an extra 50hp (see the Evora S +69hp case) - I think it's VERY reasonable to assume that an intercooler is NOT needed in this Toyobaru, TMIC or FMIC.

With the added boost in the Evora S the power output went to 345hp from only 276hp in the non-supercharged version and without intercooler.

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