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Originally Posted by Moto P
According to my emails from engineers at Nurburgring, a several months ago.

Unofficially, the stock test mule FT86 narrowly beat the lap time of the Subaru WRX Sti during testing on the Nurburgring a several months ago... I am not sure what tires were equipped for this testing, but I would imagine, with some sort of sports street tires. This was 3 weeks or so after I met with Mr.Tada, the chief engineer back in May. He did mention that it doesn't take much to post a fairly fast lap in this car as the vehicle is very communicative and predictable. And, on a course like Nordeschlife (Old North at the Nurburgring) the drivers can stay fairly confident, and push really hard, not having to entrust electronic devices and advanced traction systems.
The car is simple as a basic race car in that way, and know everything that is happening in the minutes and seconds while doing a fast lap here.

Of course, I did not get the actual time, but if the time set by a Stock WRX STi is a measure, then in the hands of a very skilled driver, the FT86 siblings can set a pretty fast lap just out of its virtues of balance, weight and design, gaining precious seconds the traditional way, with light weight, and braking/cornering prowess that is inherent to such cars.
Since the official lap record of the WRX STi (last-gen nevertheless) is 8:24, it can be inferred that the 86 can do faster than 8:24, which would make it faster than a lot of cars with much higher horsepower including the 335i (whose record stands at 8:26). However we still have to wait for official times and spacs. Do you rememberthe Impreza WRX STI that ran in 7:55 min? It was far from stock and apparently had about 400 PS.