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Buttonwillow Performance Driving Clinic Review (+photos)

I've been contemplating my first track day for quite some time. Finally, the big day has some and I can tell you - this was the most fun I had with the car, ever!

For my first track experience I chose to attend Performance Driving Clinic held 3 times a year at Buttonwillow Raceway. Some people say that the clinic provides too little track time and it is all strictly controlled. I can tell you, I had more track time than I wanted, and their approach is great for beginners and even for some folks who had a few track days under their belt. They did 15-20 minute track sessions and then equal or less time classroom lessons. We had an opportunity to drive with instructors and they pointed out a lot of mistakes that I was making. I learnt the track (counterclockwise) and my driving got 100 times smoother than it was in the beginning.

My car is pretty much stock, all I did in preparation for the event was to install StopTech Performance brake pads, StopTech SS brake lines and Motul 600 fluid. Car held up very well, I had no issues with my brakes at all, the track had two really heavy breaking zones from about 125 MPH. I did not experience any power steering fluid leaks under the hood. I burned my tires a little bit at the skid pad exercise.
I was amazed how easy our cars to control when sliding, the skid is very predictable and very neutral!

Can't wait to do it again!
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