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Originally Posted by stefan View Post
FI is not possible due to space restrictions. Take a look at that engine bay and consider how low that engine is mounted. You'd have to come up with some room there. There is definitely no room for the traditional TMIC. FMIC is possible but it will be tight.
Things would be tight but I think it's feasible for at least an extra 50hp. For instance, the supercharger (Magnusson M45 Roots-type) conversion in the Elise, which gives it 30hp more, does away with the need for an intercooler and all the associated pipework, so it fits neatly into the Elise’s engine bay. Since it doesn't have an intercooler it’s also 8kg lighter than the Exige’s supercharged engine:

Intercooler placement in the Toyobaru's engine bay would be critical. Traditionally, Subaru uses a hood scoop for air-to-air top mounted intercoolers (TMIC) located on top of the engine for their turbo versions:

The Lotus Evora S, on the other hand, also has a non-intercooled Harrop HTV 1320 supercharger assembly (utilising Eaton Twin Vortex Series (TVS) Technology) BUT adds a pair of oil/water radiators mounted in the nose to cool it.

In fact, the Eaton TVS supercharger, the same as used by Audi, was designed to not use an intercooler at low to medium boost levels and, actually, the lack of an IC improves throttle response. Moreover, TRD (Toyota Racing Development) Aurion was the world's first production car to use the Eaton TVS (Twin Vortices Series) supercharger:

You can see its application on the Evora S (before and after):

And there wasn't a lot of space either in the engine bay:

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