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Originally Posted by mofomat View Post
If I'm wrong, feel free to resurect this thread and make me feel small.

I GUARANTEE the E90 (sedan) M3 will not be at Frankfurt.

Anybody want to question this?
mofomat, I don't think anyone wants to make you look like an idiot, it's just that we want to know how accurate the info is, because anyone can say "the ///M3 sedan will be at Frankfurt" for example, without having any idea if it's true or not.

The ///M3 laps the Nordschleife in 8:07.

See? I made that up and if I'd have left it like that people would have questioned my source/ the legitimacy of the statement too.

We're all excited about all the ///M3 versions and info is much appreciated, so throwing around info without ANY form of 'proof' is not cool.