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What cross street off sunset? Everyone is alluding to the fact that the stretch of santa Monica blvd from doheny to a few blocks past palihouse on holloway/la cienega is boys town. It's the gay area of west hollywood. To call west Hollywood gay in its entirety is misleading. Welcome to LA! Here's a great way to get to downtown in any hour from you. Head down la cienega, merge left onto San vicente blvd. Take it al the way to Venice and merge left onto Venice. By then you're already halfway to downtown. San Vicente is an insanely quick and very efficient way to get to downtown due to the gradual east with a slight south aim that the road has.
Hey Ed,

I'm at Vine and Sunset. In all honesty, I ended up in this area (knowing very little about LA) due to geographic proximity to work and the fact that I found an amazing promotional deal on a temp corp apartment (brand new building, furnished 2 bedroom with huge windows / cool views, 2 indoor parking spots, etc.) for a mere fraction of what I was paying for my 1 bedroom in NYC. When the deal expires, I'll have to move, but in the meantime - I'm here.

You'll have to excuse me for stating the obvious (out of towner! haha), but Sunset and Vine appears to be an extremely trendy area. I have seen a large number of what appear to be very popular restauarants, clubs, etc., and, generalizing, I've noticed 2 molds of people who seem to frequent the neighborhood: 1) either you're a 22-25ish hipster or 2) a 40-55 year old recent divorcee (assuming, haha) with blonde-highlighted hair and platinum-rimmed aviators. In what was a true "welcome to LA" experience, Fabio (yes, Mr. "I can't believe that it's not butter") was on the squat bar next to me at the gym yesteray. I guess that's Sunset for you. At least thus far, however, I have foun the neighborhood to be clean, safe, stylish, etc. Of course, coming from NYC, it may be that my standards are a bit skewed.

Here's a question: any thoughts on the best city street routes to get to DT (U.S. Bank Tower) from Sunset and Pine?

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