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P21S to clean up oil from loose fill cap?

Hey gang,

Just took re-delivery of my car at PCD and drove 1100 miles back home. Before I left Spartanburg, I popped the hood and noticed a few drips of oil from the fill port. I figured PCD topped it off. I wiped it down, made sure the cap was tight and went on my way.

A few hundred miles into the trip, I got the Add 1qt message. Since no dealer parts department was open, BMW Assist supervisor said it was OK to use Castol Edge 10W30 until I could make it to my dealer (need 1200 mile service, anyways). So, I added a qt and everything is OK.

But, I noticed that the top must have been loose (hence the oil got out) and created a minor mess. Nothing on the hood, but there is oil in a 1ft radius around the cap. I wiped some of it down, but I need to clean up the rest. There is some on the engine cover, valve cover, and hoses.

I already have some P21S, should I use this? Any recommended procedures? If it would be better served by something other than P21S, is there something at Walmart/Autozone? I hate for the oil to sit while I wait a week for something ordered online to show up.