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Heard of Canadian Auto Associates?

Hi guys, looking to get a RX350 as a replacement for my wife's car that was totaled by a local repair shop!!! Luckily wasn't my M3!!! Long story short, on the day we were suppose to pick up the car from a small bumper dmg, got a call from the owner that the car was totaled as a mechanic tried to stop the car as it was rolling in the shop... but pressed the gas instead of the brake! Bang, it and 3 other cars met its end. I don't get how an automatic car could be rolling... i.e. in neutral it could but the guy would have had to switch gear to reverse after jumping in...

Anyways, at least noone was hurt and it makes a good story for Christmas parties and an entry to this post.

Narrowed down to get a Lexus RX350 and now debating a CDN or US. Came to see Canadian Auto Associates ( from Guelph that has tons of vehicles imported from US. Couldn't find much on them from google, the closest ones are some entries from a Corvette forum that seems generally positive. They don't carry much BMW, but thought folks here may have visited them for other high end cars. Anyone have dealt with them before? Thanks!

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