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but none of the above drive like a beemer so deff would prob go with a 335 sedan sport, dont get me wrong evos n stis are rockets but the thing is you hammer them hard you get home and they are wheezing! sounding like they gonna drop, and they may have luxury in way of gadgets, but dont have luxury in way of drive i can do a 480mile round trip in my m3 (roughly 8 hr driving) and come out of it nearly fresh, i had to do the same in a evo VIII i had to stop after 3hr coz my back woz kiling me and the constant exhaust note and suspension reverberation woz knockin me out!

if m3 sedan does not have CF i may be tempted with the 335 but after optioning it out it ends up close to the m3 it makes sense to get the m3 just for that V8 lump!! HOOYA!