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Originally Posted by EndlessZ4M View Post
So I went and picked up a 2009 BMW E92 M3. I love the interior feel and ride of the M3 but the exterior is lacking and dated to me. I am coming from a modified Z4MC and it was pretty much done. I went to look at it this morning and I was like OMG the M3 doesn't look that great. This car needs a lot of work to get it to my Z4MC level. I have the carbon fiber dash trim and don't like that much either. I love the brushed aluminum my Z4MC had so I may swap out this cf interior.

So here is my list of must haves before I even drive this thing again. I have a new X5 which I will be driving until these items are bought....

H&R Springs
10 mm spacers front and rear
Alcantara shiftknob
Blacked out front grills
Blacked out side girls
LCI tails

I already have Magnesium Blue Volk CE28s and new rubber so rims are good to go.

Sorry to sound a little negative but its just me...

What else do you guys recommend? I am keeping this car simple.
Ya 18 inch blue wheels is really going to modernize this puppy May make it look like a spaceship which I guess is considered pretty futuristic!

Smart shopper you are! Pony up and buy a new car next time that you actually like