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** iPE Innotech F1 Evo Exhaust review (WITH videos) **

Hey guys,
I got my car two weeks ago today and had the iPE Innotech F1 evolution exhaust installed last Friday along with my RD springs. A whole picture thread of my car will be put up tomorrow in the picture section, so this thread is mainly just for my review of the exhaust. If you like what you see contact for an awesome quote.

Packaging and physical quality:
The exhaust was packaged pretty well, not a problem at all with dents or scratches. The welds were awesome, very clean and neat. By looking into the F1 exclusive x-pipe, you can tell there was a lot of engineering involved in making it sound the way it does.

Install and ease of use of valvetronic system:
I got it installed at Autocouture Motoring and they did a fabulous job in the install. All the electronics are hidden and you can't tell the engine bay was touched at all. The valves work perfectly and close almost immediately when you press the remote's buttons. It is very easy to use.

Sound quality and daily-drivability:
To put all of this in perspective, I live in a pretty quiet town where everyone drives priuses and there aren't many loud sports cars, so my car would really stand out with the valves open (on top of that the cops in my area give tickets for anything). With that said here is my review of the sound: With the valves closed, it is VERY livable. After the cold start goes away, it is actually very quiet below 3,000rpms. After 3,000rpms it starts showing its personality. It has a very very exotic tone to it even with the valves closed (the videos don't really capture the high pitched sound in the high rpms, sorry about that). But, one could cruise around town below 3,000rpms at all times and not even be noticed by too many people (which I really like).

Now on to the valves open: With them open, it turns into a whole different animal. It is MUCH louder, but very refined and extremely exotic. My friends all say it sounds like a street bike. I really love the sound, it is definitely something that makes you smile every time you rip it. I can't say enough about how great the sound is. Also, with DCT and how quick it shifts, the downshifts and upshifts are intoxicating (this applies for valves closed too).

As for power gains:
I forgot to mention this earlier, but you don't need O2 sims for this exhaust or a tune (it doesn't throw a CEL). As for power, I definitely feel more power. The car feels very fast now. I honestly don't really notice any power loss with the valves closed though, but maybe I need more seat time (I've only driven about 100-150 miles with it so far).

Now for the moment you've been waiting for, the videos:

Sorry this one is really blurry, I focused on the remote so you guys could see what it looks like, and then it never refocused on the car):
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