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Originally Posted by BTM View Post
the finite supply of oil ending, it's not going to be a simple "oops, we're out of oil now! what do we do?"
neither is gonna be a "hey world, we are running out of oil, prepare for a WWIII"

no, of course, there's oil for 80 years ... sure

and you know, the oil as a energy is only a part of the problem with it

when you create a structure based on oil, and youre getting without it ... what you gotta do is destroy that structure. I said destroy.

Nah men, they know the dollar worths what it worths and they are what they are because the oil. Industries (the real economy) and financial markets (the sci fiction economy) are they instruments rounded around that

i know those motherfuckers going to survive and take the control again, like they always does ... but they need time and that time now is the oil and his supply.
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