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My main idea is; any economic model theories are that, theories.

The economic system is based on expotential money grow and finite oil. It simply cannot be. No need any maths, is the self nature of the idea wich tell that doesnt work on the long run.

Bet what you want, the day comes when oil do not more exits, and the transition is gonna be the chaos, the absolute chaos. And maybe this crisis has much to see with, the begin probably

We all know oil is finite, we all know is what really moves the economy and the world ... well, the war of wars is gonna be the only solution. Fuck the gradual steps for a new energys, oil till the end or for a fews

And then in the schools, if someone survive, god knows what the fuck teachers explain about it ... you know what i mean, maybe the zombies or the reptilians fault ... or keyness

But hey, watch Inside Job, is the answer guys (sarcasm)
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