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Originally Posted by BTM View Post
The housing bubble and subsequent corrections in financial markets do not disprove anything...

You think I love Greenspan or something?
thats not what im talking about. by the way anyone is free to like o dislike greenspan

the economics models are showed like inorganic structures, like a windows or an android system, please try to catch the essence of that examples

bubbles or debts issues, are often explained as mistakes of desregulation and all that shit. Yeah, and its true, but if you fall into a trap is not the same if you do it because you drop for yourself or you do it because someone has desing the way to made you fall there, (if it not push you directly)

and more much ¿where's the oil on the Austrian model? ¿where are the bubbles on Keyness teories? ¿where are the stock market manipulation? ¿where's the FED?

you can go again on do not disprove anything, maybe on the matrix is ok, on the real world not

on the colleges, to teach economy is gonna be much better if they put a Poker Stars chapter in one screen and in the other one the Star Wars saga instead the crap and garbage stuff undercovered on pseudo-logic, theories, equations and the rest of signatures for dolls.

but well, im afraid is not what you want to discuss on the thread, im only can suggest you dont waste your brain and your time on these economics tales, no need to answer me, just my opinion ...
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