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Originally Posted by smellyborrelli View Post
Thanks man , ADTR is one of my favorite bands. thats more my style than even this music haha. Our singer does the screams and singing , I do the backup harmonies. This demo is our first 6 songs that we wrote , I think we will become more and more original as we go on. we have started writing a few new ones and I think they are Much better. just gotta keep rolling
Your genre isn't that hard to get into if you're good. Your band has potential with some guidance, and experience(money too). Just befriend some medium band like We Came as Romans(they became popular when they opened for AA), and start opening for them. Matter of time after that you can actually have a career with it, maybe not Justin Bieber money, but you'll be happy.

Like I said though, find that niche' that separates you from all of the others. It's the soft vocals that often make these bands, so maybe have your singer work harder on his vocals. The screaming sounds like any other big band i've heard, and the scream is usually the first to go after time.