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Originally Posted by e60cs5 View Post
I use a regular handheld spray car wash.
I've never had any reason to use any harsh chemicals or brake cleaner.

My car has only been cleaned by someone else one time when I had it hand washed in Beverly Hills (road trip)

Whatever happened, I highly doubt it was the car wash I have used for 10 years... And I also highly doubt that the finish on my set is durable at all.
I asked because the only time that I have seen something like that was by using a cheap wheel cleaner years ago. Not only it made my old E46 M3 calipers all nasty, it also corroded one of the front pistons so much that it stuck out and it could not go back in. The caliper had to be replaced.

I'm getting a set of the ST non-Trophy front BBK as well, so I'm very interested in the outcome of this crap. I have been using the BMW OEM wheel cleaner for years and so far no corrosion anywhere.

This is not normal.