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Originally Posted by Tondtar View Post
You need to have a "Both" option.
You just voted

Originally Posted by Tondtar View Post
Yeah, only if you like your music files in 128K and below format. Not anywhere near "audiophile" quality.

Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post

Haven't bought a music product in almost 10 years. I do pay the artists I like by going to live shows. I've been to over 140 concerts.

Originally Posted by BTM View Post
10 yrs ago (napster) everyone was claiming that the internet would kill the music business. Not even close, the industry has simply changed and adapted. Artists/agents put more emphasis on merchandising, appearances, advertising gigs, etc. Music videos on youtube are controlled by the labels themselves and ad space is sold before the video will play. Traditional FM radio hasn't suffered as much as many expected, and labels/artists are recognizing new channels like Pandora etc. to push their music, even make their own stations for people to listen to, and these to make money through advertising.
To clarify, I think the article was referring to record sales such as CD's and the whole experience of going to a Tower Records or a specific music store and seeing the album art and stuff.

I agree though, doesn't seem like sales have been hurt too much, just changed how it's sold.