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Stoptech trophy kit - finish gone after 6 months


How would you feel if you bought 9k brakes and they started to rust within 6 months?

I purchased a full trophy kit 6 months ago.

Many of you have seen media of my car. Here's a link if you have not.

I noticed that after having the kit for 2-3 months that the bolts were rusting. It bugged me, but I figured it wasn't the end of the world and I'd deal with it later.

Well, after spending the past 3 weeks trying to get some help from Stoptech, they basically tell me that I sprayed some nasty corrosive cleaner on my brakes and they have stopped responding to my e-mails. Or at least, they haven't responded with any useful help.

I have been nothing but polite, patient and I'm starting to get angry.

My car has never even seen an automated car wash. I was the thing myself. I am EXTREMELY meticulous about everything that's done to this car. (even the pictures I take, etc) I've spent 100k on this car... Why would I use an abrasive, corrosive cleaner?! On top of that, the brakes are 6 months old... Why would I even want or need to?

Notice in the pics that some bolts are just fine... and some calipers look better than others. Also notice that the finish of the bleed assembly is fine... and the finish on the custom wheels is fine. Also notice in the 2nd and 5th pic how crappy the bolts look in general. I noticed that right when I had the brakes installed (by a master mechanic)

I understand that Stoptech might expect to see other customer issues of bad bolts / finish and they claim they haven't. (But how do I know they haven't?) I've been extremely patient and understanding... but the longer this drags out and the more they ignore my requests for help, the madder I get.

I've given Stoptech plenty of time to respond to this before posting.

Thanks for any thoughts / recommendations. Pics attached.