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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
Again, not clicking the link.

It's one company (although it seems like there is one similar to it in the article), and you have to sign up for it. Although it can attempt to grab limited data based off of your e-mail address, which means very little if you provide a valid e-mail address that is not tied to any social networks. I have quite a few e-mail addresses, only one of which is tied to my FB account.

Also, read the section in the article about the FCRA.

"Reppify says in its privacy policy that it will not create a score for a client unless the client completes a certification required by the FCRA."

You're still not explaining anything. You're just posting links.
Look you fail, he may only be posting links. Though, you are only giving your opinion on what YOU think. Look at the past and look at it now. You really think technology is going to stop expanding into our everyday lives and what we do? Your saying technology will be limited in this aspect or whatever else, it won't. Were a stupid race and it's only just all begun, there will no privacy in the years to come, be it 30 or 300, though it will come.