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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
GoingTooFast: Good work at promoting the GT86/BRZ on a BMW forum. It is a long time that BMW enthusiast have been waiting for such a car. The most hard thing will be going from a BMW badge to some japanese badge without premium. But true car enthusiasts as I, don't care about badges (anymore, since even a 2,5 ton SUV gets an M badge slapped to it).

PS: If the BRZ were a BMW it would cost twice.

I'm really a BIG fan of this Toyobaru... if BMW enthusiasts feel that the 1M is a sort of 'back-to-basics' machine, then what to say about this Toyobaru!

In all honesty, the 1M is BMW's badge and own interpretation for a car like the Toyobaru in today's world and I'm positive that it won't get much better than this for a 4 seater. You can have a lighter 1M in the future but it will never be lighter than its japanese counterpart because that's the difference between 340 and 200hp, between 1570 and 1270kg, between double and half the cost.

Who needs the extra weight and cost?!

Not the true enthusiasts but those who need 4 true seats!

And, that's the sole problem with this Toyobaru... it should have been a true 4 seater coupe and without any weight penalty except for the back passengers!

Am I asking too much?!

The answer lays in choosing between the 1M and this Toyobaru... I've chosen the 1M but I wish I didn't need back seats!