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Originally Posted by SROC5 View Post
Agree, M always makes these cars far better than the last. They know it's their Champion Halo Car in the performance world (reputation wise, not pure power as M5, M6s would be). They simply can't F&*k this up.
^This. I digress, but the 3 Series is BMW's "bread and butter" car, they cannot afford to screw the new model up. Likewise, the M3 is the M division's "bread and butter" car, so they cannot afford to mess that up either.

Just take a look at the F30 3 Series pictures/commercials. I saw an advertisement for one the other day and I mistook the car for an E90 at first glance. I did a "double take" and realized it was an F30. Very conservative.

Back on topic, in my personal opinion I would go ahead and get the E92 (or E90/93) now. I think the E90/2/3 M3 is absolutely perfect.