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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
The Chrysler fucktards who use our building are out of control. They'll have these trainings or seminars for their grunts (not sure if sales, mech, whatever) down the hall from us in a huge conference room every once in a while.

On the days that they're here, they piss all over the floor, all over the seats, leave used paper towels all over the ground instead of in the trash, they don't flush, the sinks and counters are left running and filthy, and for some reason they leave pubes EVERYWHERE. There is no sort of leadership or accountability in that group, and it seems to be a theme with that particular company. A kindergarten class without a teacher would be more responsible than those guys. No wonder they're getting caught smoking dope and drinking on lunch; they have no leadership or sense of responsibility/accountabiliy or pride in who/what they represent and it seems to be a company-wide problem.

Fuck those guys.
Damn soldier, calm dowm

Originally Posted by TK-421 View Post
i'm in the hospital because i most likely broke my arm in a game of pickup football this morning. fucking random black guys who take it too seriously think it's cool to chop block in a friendly game. oh and it's my birthday today - SWEET BRO
Black people are so aggressive when it comes to football.

Originally Posted by BMW//M View Post
If only they were as dedicated to working and studying as they were to pick-up football games.
Seriously bro

Originally Posted by Year's_End View Post
had a successful week up until this last hour and a half. surely flunked my last final i had to take, my jaw just started locking up, my right ear simultaneously feels infected, i just spilled motherfucking spaghetti all over my laptop, and i have one more assignment to do until i can officially call an end to this semester
You are having a awesome hour lol