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With the heavy rear weight bias, it would take a lot of chassis tuning to get the Evora to understeer.
No. Actually, it's the other way around. Heavy rear weight bias makes for excelent turn-in characteristics when braking to a corner (you can carry a lot of speed) whereas under acceleration the car will naturally understeer as the weight shifts rearward and downforce on the front wheels is decreased. See the above vid when Tiff says 'Wait for power... wait for power... wait for power' while pushing the Cayman because it will also understeer.

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Just switching an Elise to a more squared tire setup dials out nearly all of their understeer. Similar changes go for the 986/987, going to a square 235 or 245 setup certainly makes them more balanced than the factory fitments.
The Cayman's factory fitment is 205/55/17 front and 235/50/17 rear which is ok for the 265hp even without the optional LSD.

It's not for chance that Porsche will only allow the fitment of the LSD from factory with 18 and 19" wheels.

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To your other point, is there any reason that Toyota/Scion can't run a supercharger while Subaru runs a turbo?
Yes. One thing called economy of scale. That's the reason why this car is a joint-venture project between Toyota and Subaru.