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Originally Posted by Edward View Post

... you can't beat WeHo. I live on Doheny and Beverly which is very central to any restaurant you might want to try, any lounge/club/bar etc. Lot of cute girls, easy to navigate the town via side streets even through rush hours.
haha so you got me with the "cute girls" part (just don't tell my gf, haha). trying temp corporate housing for the 1st month. hopefully, the commute from weho to DT isn't bad. from what i've heard, it's relatively manageable. if it sucks, it looks like pasadena will be the next option.

other thoughts:
1. having fun on the CA freeways thus far. i'm not missing the shit road quality of the east coast. i had always thought that the EDC lvl 2 was a bit ridiculous - or at least i did until i moved away. i am only now realizing that the harshness was more of a reflection of the east coast roads than the suspension itself.

2. it's really, really nice to be able to roll around without dropping $25.00 on tolls.

3. 91 octane. Argghhh! Who neutered my beast?