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Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
That concept is constantly on my mind. We'll see how I feel after some more prolonged usage. Hard to get away from the weight factor though. Anything else will undoubtedly be heavier.
Again, akra makes some of the best stuff, and the weight is quite substantial. 50 lbs is nothing to scoff at, although, at the same time youre removing weight from the lowest part of the car (thus probably increasing CG) and 50 lbs on a 3700 lbs car are almost negligible at best.
I just felt let down by the sound because so many people talked it up as being great sounding (which lead me to buy) and IMO it wasnt at all.
That said, having the akra x pipe and AA rear has been great (and is only about 15 lbs heavier than the full akra so weight savings are still there...but its about to change again! (keeping akra x pipe of course though).