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Originally Posted by L4ces View Post
Hi guys, I've started thinking more about the in-cabin experience rather than outside tone. In-cabin would be windows partially or fully down. Although I have an AA rear, let me share this and id be curious if the Akra or modded sound is better described the same.

The AA is bassy and it also has a high pitch that is more like a smooth sign wave. Outside the car it sounds great as most do. Inside I don't hear the interesting stuff, I only hear a humm and a higher pitched hum. None of the grunt and racy sounds reach the cabin. My guess is that bassy sound doesn't travel as well.

When I had xpipes mated to my oem, the emphasis of sound was more in the mid range up to high. I didn't feel the rumble but I heard more interesting tones. A blip would be more pronounced like it just punched you in the face. Rev matching was alot easier. The AA rear only does have as pronounced blip but it is loud enough to rev match.

So, given thw Akra is bassy, would you say in-cabin experience similar to a bassy exhaust like the AA.

It's so hard trying to describe this. Bottom line is one can get bored if the in cabin is just a hum rather than a snotty cough like m performance and oem.
Akra evo is very quiet unless youre WOT and you dont get much more than a bit of a hum/resonance from it inside the cabin when cruising.