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Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
Just wondering what the rhyme or reason is as to why this works for some but not for others.
The reason is random.

There are at least two servers where the Assist accounts are located:

- Sometimes your USA account is in one server that may or may not be the same server that the UK BMW Remote uses to let you log in.

- Sometimes your Assist account was initially setup before delivery somehow in one server that it is not the same server that the USA Assist will be using after your car is delivered, so the PW was changed somehow. Finding out which PW was initially set by your dealer (in the very first Assist documentation that they fill out) helps. Sometimes using the account name in capital letters helps.

In my particular case, nothing works to log in. The initial PW, the changed PW, resetting the Assist UK PW at the ConnectedDrive site, using capital letters, using lower-case letters, nothing.