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New M3 E92 from The BMW Store - Vancouver

Bought an 2011 M3 E92 from The BMW Store recently. Love The M3 E92. The DCT is amazing! Sound of the V8 is sweet music to the ears. This is my first BMW and first M3 and I finally realized why BMW is the ultimate driving machine!

The car itself is great. The negotiation with The BMW Store is NOT! Let me start off with the buying process. Amazing how responsively the SA during the buying process. I would leave a voicemail and get a response within minutes. Ditto with emails. When it is time to meet the SA and get the deal done, the process turn into some nightmare from hell. It was painful. Wasted a good 3-4 hrs at the store because the sales manager wanted a few hundred dollars from me. I was not going to give in, and was even ready to walk out the door until the SA decided to "give it a try again by talking to the Sales manager". I think I smelled BS! Eventually the SA came back and said that the Sales manager approved the deal. Deal was done and SA told me that it will be at least 3-4 weeks before I get the car. I told him to keep in the loop, ie where is the car and when the car will arrive at the. One week, no update. Two weeks, again, no update. Sent the SA an email, no response. Called him, and left VM, nothing. Finally, got a hold of him on the 3rd week and he had no idea where the car is. For goodness sake, I order a $40 book from Amazon and Amazon sent me a tracking number so that I can track my book. How is it possible that a dealer does not have any sort of tracking on a $80K car???

Finally got the car in the 4th week. Everything was all good again, except there was some damage on the car. SA told me that he will get everything fixed up as soon as possible and he will call me the following week to arrange an appointment. I have the car for over 2 months, and still the damages have not been repaired. Finally, I decided to send him an email, no response (not surprise there), called him, and he said he will call me back and yet he did not. Finally, got a hold of him recently, and instead of apologizing, he told me that he has already arranged somebody to fix those damages, and sounded very surprise that his service monkey did not call me.

If you buy a car from BMW Store and if they somehow manage to make lots of money from you on the deal, you WILL GET great service. Look at all those 5 stars review on their website. If you buy a car from them and you tried your best to the very best deal, you can forget about service after. They will treat you like dirt. They certainly treated me like dirt, this is after spending $80K on a car...

Lesson learned...I will never ever buy a car from BMW Store again. I will never recommend them to anyone. It is too bad that they will get away with this, and stay in business.

Thanks for reading!