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Originally Posted by sqweak View Post
How does he use it, as a hammock? And while you're defending it's functionality, please let me know the functional aspect of color matching it.

He may drive on a track with it monthly, but he isn't getting any actual use of it. There is 0 need for it on the street and 99% of the worlds drivers wouldn't be able to benefit from it on the track. (hint: he isn't the 1%)
I'm curious: have you driven a M3 around a track with aero and without areo to be able to compare and strongly confirm whether or not there really is indeed a difference? I mainly ask cause I have never driven a M3 with aero, so I'm completely ignorant in this area.
If one's lap times begin to improve after a mod is done (whatever that mod is), isn't is (relatively) safe to assume that there's a possibility that that mod helped improve the laptimes? since all else (driver as well) was more-or-less the same?

And 99% vs 1%...what is this, "Occupy M3Post"?

And why paint match it? Cause it looks sexy.

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