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Originally Posted by sqweak View Post
How does he use it, as a hammock? And while you're defending it's functionality, please let me know the functional aspect of color matching it.

He may drive on a track with it monthly, but he isn't getting any actual use of it. There is 0 need for it on the street and 99% of the worlds drivers wouldn't be able to benefit from it on the track. (hint: he isn't the 1%)

Get over it, it's purely cosmetic and defending it as anything else is a joke.
If we're using epic race car drivers as a scale point (that 1%), then technically no one should perform performance mods on their car. I see plenty of supercharged cars, KW V3's/Clubsports, BBK's that are on daily driven cars that never see track use, drag use etc. And again, I don't see you being a mean ol' Mr. Grinch whenever those guys hold those home photoshoots. So, from position A, what's the difference?

I also have a position B, which is about the benefit of a performance mod. Sure, only a professional could fully utilize the benefits of a rear trunk spoiler, but then, on that same token, only a professional could fully utilize a BBK, or a supercharger, or even just brake pad and fluid changes on the stock system, OR even the car in it's fully stock form. I don't personally get why everyone is always "zomg reach fur zhe limitz" , we'll never get there unless it's something you dedicate your life to. It's a HOBBY, and even though you won't reach the limit of your vehicle stock OR modded, adding performance mods can raise that limit and make your car more enjoyable and easier to drive at a faster level, under the car's limit, but at yours. Think of it as a scaling effect.

Also, regarding the paint, what gives? I don't get these forum clowns sometimes. If a car's dirty it's sacrilegious (poor OC3 ), if a car's clean it's sacrilegious, if a car's painted it's sacrilegious, if a car shows naked carbon it's sacrilegious (and politically incorrect, NAKED in PUBLIC!), it's some twisted breeding ground for hatred.

By the way, his wing is wrapped, not painted. Not anything really important, but there you go, just for the record.

Originally Posted by sqweak View Post
I was referring to the shop not being a board sponsor.

There was no review, just a "rah rah, my buddies shop is great!" Shop and vendor reviews are valuable, this kind of thinly veiled blatant promotion isn't. This kind promotion is tolerated when the shop is a board sponsor, hence my mention of them not being one.

see above, has nothing to do with shop sponsoring him, it's about shop not sponsoring the board.
I can agree with you here where "thinly veiled blatant promotion" isn't valuable, it's unfortunate that 99% of the reviews about vendors on this forum, board sponsors OR not, is that kind of material. I don't think that fanboy ranting is acceptable just because it's paid for from a usefulness standpoint, but money talks, eh? It's unfortunate that reviews can only be made in a bland, tired, lethargic way just because the shop in question is not a board sponsor, never mind the potential usefulness of the information. I think xchosun1x structured his review in a way that he was actually feeling: I met with him later and boy, was he jumping up and down in excitement. I guess that enthusiasm translated poorly on the boards as "advertising for a non-sponsor" though. Sponsors are zhe powur!

Originally Posted by sqweak View Post
You're welcome! Thanks for keeping your punches (mostly) above the belt!
Y'know sqweak, I really like you. Sure, we have differing viewpoints, but your response wasn't atypical of the mindless drivel I've come to expect of this forum. I get the feeling that you're the kind of person I'd be terrific friends with in person.

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