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Originally Posted by Superfly_M3 View Post
Hi Guys,

I'm picking my new car soon and the dealer is offering me some protection options:

Appearance Protection Covers: $1465
- repair of chips on withshield (filled) and 1 winshield replacement in case the windshield cracks.
- Paintless dent repair (when the paint is not damaged)
- Lost damaged key replacement
- Interior Food and Drink damage on seats/carpet

BMW Rim and Tire Protection $1500
- Covers damaged rims and tires. Tires will be replaced for new ones if they are punctured, even though they are not run-flats. The good thing is that BMW will cover BMW winter rim/tire even when its not purchased through the dealer - which I have already.

What are you opinions on this?
Has anyone found the protection packages to be worth it?

I just got the tire and rim protection though I'm somewhat regretting it as I'm not sure I'll make enough claims to recoup the cost.

Note, they do not cover non-OEM wheels (at least BMW Toronto will not).

Also, don't pay $1,500. The business manager at the dealership definitely has room to give on the price as there is a mark-up.