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Originally Posted by LateBraking View Post
Just curious as to what non-functional spoilers you're referring to, I only see a functional rear wing that xchosun1x gets good use out of at least once a month.
How does he use it, as a hammock? And while you're defending it's functionality, please let me know the functional aspect of color matching it.

He may drive on a track with it monthly, but he isn't getting any actual use of it. There is 0 need for it on the street and 99% of the worlds drivers wouldn't be able to benefit from it on the track. (hint: he isn't the 1%)

Get over it, it's purely cosmetic and defending it as anything else is a joke.

Also, xchosun1x isn't sponsored by anyone, although I'm sure you'd just assume that I'm sponsored as well by the same fictional sponsor and just in on the whole evil plot.
I was referring to the shop not being a board sponsor.

No need to be so critical of his review of a terrific experience that he had someplace, he's hardly the first to engage in such behavior. I don't see you running after everyone who makes a positive review about EAS and IND and SonicMS and AcutePerformance and PySpeed, etc. (I'm not singling out any board sponsors, just saying some that popped up in my head).
There was no review, just a "rah rah, my buddies shop is great!" Shop and vendor reviews are valuable, this kind of thinly veiled blatant promotion isn't. This kind promotion is tolerated when the shop is a board sponsor, hence my mention of them not being one.

Clearly, every single person on this forum who has written a positive review about a vendor or board sponsor or tuning shop is sponsored by them and is just out to get you.
see above, has nothing to do with shop sponsoring him, it's about shop not sponsoring the board.

Edit: Ahh, that was fun. I was having a bad day and needed to rant. Thanks for being such a good sport and volunteering sqweak.
You're welcome! Thanks for keeping your punches (mostly) above the belt!