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Originally Posted by BMoney View Post
I would definitely agree with the tranny. I have a 2010 C63 and the tranny blows compared to the DCT. I hear the MCT is better but it's still not a true dual clutch. I hope AMG drops one in the next gen C63...if not I'll probably go back to an M3. My tires are wearing fast but not too bad really. My rears have 12K currently and can probably make it to 15K before they have to go!
I found it was better to leave it in Sport mode and let the tranny do the shifting. It will drop down to 4th on the highway when you romp it while in Manual mode you'd have to go down gear by gear (taking what seems like an eternity). I am very surprised you're getting that much life out of the tires. I did not beat on the car and just did a daily commute of 50 miles. Even tried 265's out back but nothing worked. Maybe Florida roads are rougher on tires.