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Depends on your goals...

You want to lease for $31-2k @ 3 yrs. but not own it or have a trade-in for cash (then lease it). Some convenience, some extra gadgetry...etc. I had the new CIC nav. in 09' and went down to 08' and it was fine for me. Like my bro said, engine, ride, all the same...

For a little more money, you can own and get some change later for a trade-in. At the end of the day, it's about the V8 NA engine, 6MT, chassis. The other extras are nice, but not worth new car price IMO. I got to spend the extra $$ on sweet mods instead!

The key is to find a pristine, clean, and CPO car for low 40s, high 30s - they are out there, but you've got to work for it. New M3, 2015 is out in 3yrs, but like ALL M3s - the "Mark-Up Premium" factor is around for a bit...

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