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Originally Posted by bubu View Post
Just called them to get some work quoted. The person answering the phone came of clueless & amateurish in how to deal with a customer...or quote labor. I want to re-install my OEM springs (ride height is starting to annoy me). The guy I spoke with had no idea if an alignment would be needed or what I was even asking about...also could not give me a price...yeah, its a steep learning curve when you want to work on high end sports cars.

...who knows maybe its a great shop, but if you can't close/book an appointment for a simple spring job from a customer wanting to schedule there is a problem.

i understand what you are saying...but perhaps this isnt the type of shop that'll do a spring swap for the price your looking to spend when many shop can bang them out for a quick buck. . The reason why I like this shop is bc they take their time, get it done right...but as all good things cost something, so will this...just my two cents