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Originally Posted by rantarM3 View Post
I did find two things really annoying about the C63. One was the the slowness of the tranny and the second was the rate at which it consumed rear tires (~5k miles per set). The new MCT may have resolved the laggy tranny issue (have not test driven a new C63) and the tire wear rate is just a trade off for the crazy torque. But it got old having to go to the shop every six months to get new tires.
I would definitely agree with the tranny. I have a 2010 C63 and the tranny blows compared to the DCT. I hear the MCT is better but it's still not a true dual clutch. I hope AMG drops one in the next gen C63...if not I'll probably go back to an M3. My tires are wearing fast but not too bad really. My rears have 12K currently and can probably make it to 15K before they have to go!